Competition Analysis

The contemporary business environment is highly competitive and dynamic. Competition in most industries is increasing steadily as new business ideas are being developed. All these creates the need for entrepreneurs to be well versed with their competitors.

At AA Consult 2016, we believe that people who have a sound understanding of the battlefield (market) and the enemy (competitor) win the battle before it even starts. Our competitive intelligence service conducts top-notch competition analysis. Our competition analysis goes beyond generic company profiles to focus on more relevant competitor aspects such as their capabilities and strategies.

We go the extra mile to analyze the competition landscape and competitor population with a focus on the strategic resources, capabilities, and programs for specific competitors. The move enables you to benchmark strategic response and internal improvement strategies. After stripping the competitors for you, we then guide you through the process of eroding their market base and competitive edge.

If you want to gain the know-how on the competitor analysis process, we offer you professional training at affordable costs that are subject to negotiations. Contact us today for help in competitor analysis and competitor analysis training process.

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