Local and International Customized Market Research

Market research is the secret to successful market penetration. We help you access the market intelligence you need to make decisions regarding both local and international markets of your choice. Our specialist research consultants develop a clear picture of the local and international market prospects for your product.

AA 2016 consult is an affordable and competent market research consultancy firm. We draft and deliver to you customized market research reports that answer your specific questions. Our market research reports give a clear picture of the overall viability of your product in the prospect market, current market size and trends, most viable penetration and distribution practices, market entry legal requirements, key competitors, and the potential strategic partners. The reports might be adequate resources, but we know that some of the concepts and analytics might be difficult for you to decipher. We thus take out time and take you through the custom market research reports, highlighting critical information that you should incorporate in the decision-making process. You will never get lost with us.

We also offer expert training and coaching to clients who want to gain knowledge of the process. Our costs for either the training or the research are determined through negotiations with the client. The lead time for both the research and the training is typically four weeks. However, the customized research period may vary slightly depending on research scope.

With many years’ experience in local and international market research consultancy, we are your best shot. We guarantee success to all clients who choose to work with us. Our track record speaks for itself, as many of our satisfied clients have come back for help in other areas. Contact us today for expert help in local and international markets research. Let us be part of your success story. Make the move today.

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